Tara Distribution Co., Ltd. is a global paper distribution company that delivers all domestic and
foreign papers in the fastest time through its network with leading paper companies.

  • Stable supply
    through large-scale logistics centers

  • Business Network with domestic and
    overseas paper makers

  • Rapid, accurate and convenient
    ordering and delivery

Products We have a trading network with major domestic and foreign paper makers
to provide the products you need.
Logistics We have a Logistics Center of 9,900㎡ that can load 5,000 tons of paper.
Order Convenient order through KAKAO plus friend, homepage, mobile ERP.
Delivery Rapid, Accurate and Systematic delivery by using the GPS on vehicle.

Greetings from CEO

Welcome, our respected customers!
Every morning, all employees of Tara Distribution shout together.

"We are constantly challenging and changing to
contribute to the happy life of us and our customers,
and to contribute to creating a healthy world by growing into a trusted company from society."

  • Best Competitiveness

  • Endless Challenge and Change

  • Best Convenience

  • Trusted Customer Satisfaction

In 1998, Tara Distribution Co., Ltd. took the first step in its challenge as "Hayan Distribution."
Since then, we have pioneered advanced systems in the paper distribution industry and
built up a network with leading domestic paper companies and customers.
As a result of our constant approach to where need us, our annual sales exceeded 150 billion won in 2010,
just 12 years after its foundation.
But our challenge doesn't stop here.

Currently Tara Distribution is not the best.
We dream of the best job, the best professional.
Tara Distribution puts the customer’s convenience and competitiveness first.

We propose a long journey with our customers.
Maybe not now, but we want to solve your dreams.
Meet Tara Distribution with expertise, convenience, and competitiveness on a single sheet of paper.

CEO LEE, Jae-Soo

Company History


  • Established Hayan Distribution Co., Ltd.

  • Changed Company Name to Tara Distribution Co., Ltd.


  • Opened Logistics Center at Geumchon

  • Moved Headquarters (Seogyo-dong)

  • Opened Logistics Center at Pil-dong

  • Achieved annual sales of 100 billion won

  • Ceremony for 10th anniversary


  • Acquired certification FSC™(FSC-C013213)

  • Implemented Xgen ERP System

  • Achieved annual sales of 150 billion won

  • Moved Headquarters (Donggyo-dong)


  • Implemented Intranet groupware

  • Moved Headquarters (Office in Donggyo-dong)

  • Moved Headquarters (Sangam-dong)

  • Started paper export and import business

  • Awarded 1 Million Dollar Export Tower


  • Acquired certification KFCC CoC (FT50002)

  • Moved Logistics Center (Osan-li, Paju-si)

  • Implemented groupware Office 365

  • Awarded Appreciation Plaque from Korea Forest Service

  • Awarded certificate of appreciation from Seoul Kyeongin Wholesale Cooperative

  • Ceremony for 20th anniversary

Mission & Value


We are constantly challenging and changing to contribute to the happy life of us and our customers,
and to contribute to creating a healthy world by growing into a trusted company from society.

Core Value


We are honest with our customers and seek mutual growth through fair dealing with our partners, competing fairly with our competitors and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our shareholders and society.


We trust each other, sacrifice ourselves, build a positive corporate culture and practice “customer-first” to realize true customer impressions.


We show our core competencies in our field by carrying out self-development with a sense of goal with a passion for becoming a world-class company with a spirit of challenge and creation.


Meaning of Tara

Tara. Tara is derived from the word "tarr" which means "land," and is also the name of a farm in the southern United States that is the backdrop for the film (Gone with the wind). Tara is a land of challenge to be pioneered, as well as a land of aggressive notions of the present and the future, not of the past, just as Scarlet, the hero who lives strong despite the difficulties of losing everything to the huge wind of the Civil War.

Meaning of Brand Symbol

It means "T" of “Tara”, the brand name and "T" of “Total Printing Service" in English.

It means the 24-hour service spirit of always awaiting customers and a basic principle of customer priority that solves customer’s all problems related to printing.

Brand Color

Tara Green PANTONE 7467C
C98 M10 Y40 K0
R0 G150 B162

Tara Blue PANTONE 302C
C100 M82 Y53 K18
R0 G57 B67

  • Tara's brand colors consist of Tara Green and Tara Blue.

  • When expressing Tara in color, spot color combination is a rule.

  • Brand colors should be used and managed to maintain accurate color, brightness and saturation.